Synthetic Fibers

acrylic, nylon, faux cashmere, etc.

About Synthetic Fibers

Synthetic fibers are engineered to be anything we want them to be. For example, acrylic is designed with a crimp to mimic wool, and faux cashmere is super fine and soft! Synthetics are awesome for folks who want to mimic the experience of working with animal fibers -- they act the same, and can be dyed the same as their protein-fiber counterparts. Personally, I love working with "faux cashmere," because I love shockingly neon colors, and it's a dream to spin!

Allison's Tips for Spinning Faux Cashmere

Do you remember making sparks with your clothing as a kid? Synthetic fibers are a bit charged, and have a lot of static cling. This is an amazing secret trick when spinning them!

  1. Take advantage of static cling.
    Let the fibers spread out and cling to your fingers. You'll create a little fan, making it easy-peasy to draft!

Blogs about Spinning Synthetic Fibers

A roundup of some great tips and experiences!

Where To Buy Synthetic Spinning Fiber

A curated list of indie vendors and artists offering up synthetic spinning fibers: