a bibliography on spinning and working with vegan yarn

Web Resources on Vegan Spinning Fibers

Spinning Daily Presents Alternative Fibers: The Spinner's Guide to Vegan, Natural, and Wool-Free Yarns (Interweave)

Spin Flora Fibres -- Vegan (Spin Flora Not Fauna)

Amanda Rofe, Handspinning for Vegans (Sheepless Knitter)

Linen Spun from Flax Fibers (Interweave)

Books on Vegan Spinning Fibers

Spin-Off Presents: Cotton: From Growing to Finishing. (Interweave Press). eBook

Stephanie Gaustad, The Practical Spinner's Guide: Cotton, Flax, Hemp. (Interweave Press)

J.E. Holme, A Handbook to Cotton Spinning: Compiled for the General Use of Young carders, Spinning Overlookers, and All Students of Cotton Spinning. (Leopold Classic Library)

Olive and Harry Linder, Hand Spinning Cotton.

William Scott Taggart, Cotton Spinning, Volume 1: Including All Processes Up To the End of Carding.

(Current) Vegan Knit & Crochet Blogs

Why Choose Vegan?

News stories and undercover footage that highlight the abuse of animals used for clothing.

Petitions and actions that you can take to prevent this cruelty: