Ezekiel the Bunny

On the story behind Seed to Shawl

Hi, I'm Ezekiel.

My friends call me Zeke. I'm a very fluffy bunny! My breed is "Jersey Wooly," and my bunny ancestors have been genetically engineered to be fluffy AF, so that humans can use our fur in textiles.

Ezekiel the Bunny     Ezekiel the Bunny     Ezekiel the Bunny

(Need more photos? You can check me out on Instagram, @bunzeke)

Poop on that.

While I may be 100% irresistable, I am not here for your pleasure, and I am not an object for humans to use -- not for cosmetics tests, food, sports, or entertainment, and certainly not for fiber arts! We bunnies got our own lives going on. We got veggies to nom, binkies to pop, friends to snuggle, and lots of other stuff to do. We ain't slaves to humans. Sorry folks, I'm not a fiber machine.

Moreover, there's a lot of cruel nonsense that goes on in textile industries. You can read more about it on the interwebs -- try searching for "animals used for clothing." All I have to say is: poop on that.

Breeding bunnies for fiber is poop. Breeding sheep and goats for fiber is poop. Genetically engineering, enslaving, and harming folks to make yarn and textiles is poop. And it's so unnecessary! Alternatives abound.

This is why mom started up Seed to Shawl.

My adopted mom is a pretty chill lady. She's a vegan, animal rights activist, and hates the thought that bunnies like me are used for anything but lovin' on. She's also a fiber artist, and she wants to help other fiber artists avoid cruelty in their art. When mom began spinning her own yarn, she found that there weren't many resources on the interwebs, or teachers IRL, to help her with using plant-based and synthetic fibers. She had to learn a bunch on her own!

Enter the idea for Seed to Shawl: resources for vegan fiber arts. Mom wants to share everything she's learned, and help other artists work with cruelty-free materials. This is a growing website, so keep checking back for more info -- and of course, sign up for our mailing list!