Bast Fibers

flax, hemp, ramie & nettle

About Bast Fibers

Bast fiber is collected from the phloem (the "inner bark") or bast surrounding the stem of certain dicotyledonous plants. In the plant, these fibers provide strength to the stem.

Two things that are super-cool about bast fibers: 1) They're mega strong, because that is their purpose in life. 2) Their "staple length" is the length of the plant stem ... And extra length equals extra strength! Bast fibers are great for projects that will see some abuse, such as bags and rope.

Bast fibers typically used in handspinning include: flax, hemp, ramie, and stinging nettle.

If you were to conjure an image of yarns from any of these fibers, they would probably be in un-dyed, natural colors. There's a reason for that! Bast fibers are notoriously hard to dye -- but on the flipside, they're super easy to sun-bleach.

Allison's Tips for Spinning Flax and Other Bast Fibers

There are three basic tricks to spinning flax and other bast fibers:

  1. Spin "wet".
    Keep the fibers just a bit damp as you're spinning -- wrap the roving in a wet paper towel and/or dip your fingers in a bowl of water periodically as you go. The water helps to break down pectin in the fibers, allowing them to adhere to one another in the finished yarn.

  2. Apply an "S" twist to singles.
    That means, if you're on a wheel, the wheel should be spinning counter-clockwise. If you're on a spindle, roll that baby off your right leg.

  3. Spin from the fold.
    Rather than drafting from the very end of a very long fiber, fold the fibers over your index finger, and spin from the middle. This will give you more control over your draft, and the ability to spin a more even yarn.

Allison's Tips for Spinning Ramie

Ramie fibers are super-smooth, making them a bit difficult to draft. Thus, there are two additional tricks to spinning ramie:

  1. Give the top a little shake.
    Spread those fibers out before you start drafting.

  2. Take advantage of static cling.
    Let the fibers spread out and cling to your fingers.

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